We developed a comprehensive branding program to position this 88,500 square foot library as the “experience library” of the future.

Our scope included the identity design, interior & exterior signage, exhibit graphics, and graphic amenities such as murals, glass railings, print collateral, and promotional marketing merchandise.

The Children's Library is one of a kind and is comprised of interactive environments and exhibits. We worked closely with the interiors team to create custom themed graphics, signage and exhibits that bring the stories to life. The larger-than-life “classic book” themed entry begins the children’s journey into an exciting library environment. The library walls are interactive educational experiences that lead to discussion about natural history, the environment, and exploration.

One of the more unique experiences we created was the signage for the second level of the library called the “21st Century.” 

The 21st Century marquee is created from light and shadow. Fiber optic lighting interacts with uniquely designed metal shapes to create each letter forms’ shadow.

The shadows give the illusion of three-dimensional letter forms emerging from the wall. When the fiber optic lighting rotates to the ”off“ position, the lettering disappears and the metal shapes create their own unique ”language“.