We specialize in the creation of powerful graphics & signage that communicates our clients' core brand message.

We create value for our clients by finding the humanity inherent in their project. 

We distill that humanity into a highly focused visual design language, which we ultimately use to create an emotional bond between our client & their audience.


We have extensive experience creating:

Environmental Graphics & Signage • Exhibit Design • Graphic Design • Identity Design

Project types include:

Cultural Institutions • Urban Environments • Trade Show Exhibits • Retail • Restaurants • Theme Parks



As Creative Director, Richard captures the essence of his client's brands by bringing a distinctly human touch coupled with a highly strategic process. His projects tap into subjects ranging from global cultural issues to social and environmental concerns. 


As Managing Partner, Teri focuses on office management, client relations, and new business development.


RESEARCH:  First, Seek To Understand

When a project begins, we immerse ourselves in the thinking of the team leadership, the mindset of the audience, and the competitive environment.  At times, we recommend market research appropriate to the project's scope.

STRATEGY:  A Fearless Vision

We use the BrandVision Process to clarify project objectives.  BrandVision brings life to the story of the project in strategic terms. Our process allows us to bring originality to ideas that are authentically yours.



CONCEPT:  Your Idea Revealed

With a firm strategic grounding, we find the big ideas inherent In every project. We show you a range of ideas...but we find there is usually one that stands out. We refine that concept so that our clients can fully imagine their vision.

EXECUTION:  Bring It To Life

Studio Wilks has 25+ years experience building three dimensional environments. Our process is detailed and refined. We've done it over and over. Our team is established and expert at what we do.