The AQUATROPE is a self powered and electric, pedal-assisted mobile art sculpture. reated to explore how intertwined we are to water, the Aquatrope carries with it eight distinctive art discs. Each disc communicates its own story, but collectively it conveys a powerful, holistic message about how profoundly vital water is to our human existence and to the health and survival of the natural world. California’s drought condition is alarming. Reaching out to 

communities is critical to build awareness and mobilize support. The Aquatrope hits the streets, bike paths, parks, schools, fairs and festivals to grab people’s attention and get them focused on the value of water and the Great Outdoors. ltimately the Aquatrope is meant to inspire participation. It is a call to action to get involved, conserve our precious resources, and reconnect to nature. Imagine healthy communities with plenty of parks, clean water, and thriving natural habitats for everyone to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle.